Stuff I made for FS



Vassunda airfield outside of Knivsta/Uppsala (FS9) here
Håtunaholm airfield between Bro and Sigtuna, made with instant scenery, therefore some other sceneries are needed to make the buildings look good(FS9) here
Kalixfors army airfield just south of Kiruna (FS9) here
VFR SE, a small scenery that places mansions and churches from the real aviation charts around Mälaren (FS9) here
Helicopter scenery, included are hospitals: Karolinska, Norrtälje, Sahlgrenska, NÄL, KSS Skövde, Visby, SöS, Huddinge, Visby-Katrinelund, Myttinge and Gustavsbergs heliports (FS9) here
Old linjeflyg livery for Project Fokker's F 28 Mk.1000 (FS9) here
HKP 15B grey livery for the Augusta 109 found at Hovercontrol (FS9) here
Bro Bålsta landclass file. Also included is the removal of the bridge by Bålsta that is in the default scenery (FS9) here
OO-TNC livery for 50N 737-300 (FS9) here
Tierp airbase scenery (FS9) here
Vassunda 2, updated and redone version of Vassunda, it is partly made with instant scenery and therefore you need some other sceneries installed like the Glacier package for Alaska (FS9) here
The Hump scenery, a scenery I made for an vUSAF excercise, made to work like the WWII Hump operation (FS9) here
Scenery of Göteborg's closed Torslanda airport, also included is a new landclass file for the area. (FS9) here