I am a man born in 1978, the same year that Annie Hall received and Oscar for best film, best female lead, best script, etc. The competition was stiff, competeing against among others George Lucas' movie, Star Wars which received six Oscars.

As one might guess one of my interests are movies, some of my favourites are Sabrina, Pretty in Pink, Bedazzled, Så som i Himmelen etc.

I played the Trombone for nine years and play the guitar today and I always seem to have some sort of music on in the background.

During 2004 till 2006 I was the secratary in Miljöpartiet Mariestad which is a political party in Sweden. I have always had a strong interest in politics and how it affect peoples lives.

One of my true passions in life is photography, a hobby that I have nurtured since 1998. To me, photography is about capturing a moment in time that only exists then and there.

After having a go at bungyjumping a few years ago I tried skydiving when visiting my Brother on Hawaii. I got hooked and I started to learn how to skydive. I currently hold a A license and I am active as the president for Halmstad Skydiving club.

The older I become the more fascinated I have become of how much we can influence just by using our language. Just imagine how beautiful a Shakespearean play is or how something that happens to us can be expressed in a poem. Therefor poetry have become an important part of my life.

If I were to describe myself it would be as a structured, person that is hooked on learning and seeing new things. I live my life by the motto that: I day gone by without learning something new is a wasted day.